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Women’s March Netherlands staat voor gelijkheid en diversiteit. Wij zijn tegen sociale uitsluiting en vinden dat dat vrouwenrechten mensen rechten zijn. Ben jij het hiermee eens, dan nodigen wij jou uit om ons te steunen in deze wereldwijde strijd.

Women’s March Netherlands is druk bezig met het oprichten van een blijvend lokaal netwerk, dat zich richt op toekomstige campagnes en acties om progressieve​ waarden, zoals vrouwenrechten in Nederland, te bevorderen.

Women’s March Netherlands is een proactieve, landelijke beweging die zich inzet voor lokale doeleinden. We richten ons dus niet op de Amerikaanse politiek, maar op de problemen die specifiek op Nederland van toepassing zijn.

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Today marks the one year anniversary of the Women's March. Women's March The Netherlands volunteer Tori Egherman chats with organiser Tammy Sheldon. While 2017 was about being fed up, releasing pent-up frustrations, rallying to protest gender and racial inequality, and calling for a more inclusive, just society, the issues were the same ones activists have fought for decades. The march forward in 2018 needs to be about harnessing that large-scale, collective energy and using it to push for common-sense change that benefits us all. We're rolling up our sleeves and getting busy. What will you do this year? #lookbackmarchforward Women's March Global ...

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Women's March The Netherlands added a cover video. ...

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Hey all! So many have shared with us the March memories that most mattered to them. Thank you. ♥️ It’s our anniversary and here’s how you can mark it. There’s STILL work to do. Right now, join this bunch of folks in the post below—show your colours, just as you did one year ago. Show UNITY regardless of race, gender, orientation, creed or origin—despite what a few racebaiters and fearful types in Rotterdam today would have you believe. It takes a couple of seconds—join in! For the people, by the people. It’s ON. #NLvoorOnsAllen ...

Black, white, brown. Man, woman...or however you see yourself. Atheïst, Muslim, Christian. LGBTQIA+ or hetero. With or without papers. The Netherlands is for us all! There’s no single group with more rights, or anyone more Dutch than another. Regardless of race, origin, gender, orientation or creed: we are the Netherlands, together. Show what you believe in. Change your profile photo with this frame. Our country is not for a few scared folks, but for all of us! #NLvanOnsAllen Go viral! Go to your profile photo, click on “edit profile photo” and go to “add frame.” Type in the search “NLvanOnsAllen” and BAM! There you go! Wanna change your header, too? Download the banner at www.facebook.com/NLvanOnsAllen/posts/146694766121862

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